Lunch Made Easy

Oh, I’m on a roll now! Two for two with food posts. I can’t help but to share this delicious salad with you! And it’s so easy! But let me add the following disclaimer: it’s easy to make because Trader Joe’s did most of the work!


When I eat Mediterranean style foods like this salad, I instantly am transported back to the amazing land of Israel where I dined on everything fresh and flavorful just one year ago today! One of my most memorable meals happened at a place in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. We had been touring in Galilee, I do know that. We went around a huge buffet and filled up our pita pockets with falafel, chopped veggies and yummy sauces, and then we ate at outdoor picnic tables overlooking the countryside. {You can read about my beloved time in Israel here.}

Greek Gyro Salad

Start with a bed of chopped romaine lettuce and spinach mix

Add chopped cucumbers and tomatoes

Heat 2 pieces of Trader Joe’s Gyro Slices and chop

Drizzle salad with Trader Joe’s Tzatziki Cucumber Dip

Top with crumbled feta cheese

I hope you find this salad to be bursting with flavor and satisfying! Enjoy the fact that it is only 24 sugar calories, so there’s no fear of busting the 100 daily limit, not to mention it takes all of five minutes to make!


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