Kitchen Table Update


dsc03856Sometimes I get ahead of myself. Knowing that our next home will not have a dining room, I went ahead and ordered a kitchen table that will maximize our seating. Well, the table was built and delivered, but the new construction has yet to begin!

Bassett Furniture uses Virginia-based crafters for the Bench Made line. {We felt good about supporting our state’s economy!} This particular piece has some farmhouse vibes with a crossbuck base and wire brush distressing. The hubby and I both fell in love with the muted tones of Weathered Barn finish.

On any given day of the week, this spot in our kitchen looks more like a local coffee shop than a private residence. Because of its ample surface area, we all flock to it with computers and assignments. It has become quite the hub! Sometimes we gather a crowd and share a meal! At the table!

Excitedly, I imagine a few days worth of meals at this spot with special guests coming next month. Our family has the honor of hosting five members of the African Children’s Choir on tour in the United States!!! I can hear the sweet girls now when I ask if they would like some bacon… Yes, Auntie. Thank you, Auntie. 


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