Quick Getaway to the Beach

When a friend posted on social media about her beach house’s last minute availability, Jon and I jumped at the chance for a mid-week getaway. We love every opportunity to travel to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and a return trip to the town of Corolla was long overdue.

We got down there Wednesday night in time for a late dinner at Roadside Bar and Grill. Have I told you about this place? Very creative menu, very good food, and a lively atmosphere. We sat on the front patio situated roadside {thus the name} and enjoyed the ambience of the lights and flowering vines that provide privacy. The patio and inside seating nooks grant opportunity for a quieter dining experience; the backyard offers a party atmosphere with music videos, lawn games, and a fun-loving crowd. Check out this favorite spot of locals and tourists alike the next time you’re in Duck.

Running and biking are always a part of our beach trips, and we enjoyed the newly installed bikeway along highway 12 in Corolla. But the real reason to visit this northern Outer Banks town…


We put the truck in 4-wheel drive and headed for the sand. Where highway 12 ends is where a secluded spot on the beach begins! It’s not completely private- that’s more of an Ocracoke vibe! There’s plenty of traffic on this beach, but everyone spaces out well. What’s really nice is you can load up all the toys, coolers, chairs, etc., but you don’t have to haul it over the dunes. Just park at your choice spot!

My shell collecting brought me to this tiny treasure: a faithful reminder of God’s love. 13566020_10208111413156463_1153310184_n

I actually enjoy shelling more than shopping! I don’t know what it is about being at the beach- the desire to go inside and browse is just not there. Still, we visited a spot I wrote about last year- Urban Cottage in Duck. They recently opened a new store site that boasts an expansive furniture showroom. Beautiful coastal design and décor possibilities abound in that place!

13537506_10208673250261287_8910123552170816995_nAs we explored the historic village of Corolla Light, we came across the Trading Company store that was closed but still stocked with a few antiques. The owner posted a notice on the door that if interested in buying any of the remaining inventory, call him. So we did! We talked prices on a couple of items, but our only take-away is this basket. Of course, I was thinking of the new build when I saw it through the store front window. It may house a potted tree or blankets and pillows… I’m really not sure how it will be used, but I know it belongs! DSC03784

Finally, I must give a shout-out to the Powell family for setting up a great backyard space at their beach house. I have no pics to share, but you’ll still appreciate the appeal of returning from a sweaty workout and cooling off in the pool, then relaxing tired muscles in the hot tub, and using the outdoor shower to start getting ready for the night. Yes, friends, it was a fun and relaxing two days at the beach!



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