Back Yard Festivities

After months of planning, the graduation party happened! One of my favorite things is organizing festivities, and hosting friends and family in my home sweetens the whole experience!

I always say that as long as I can have a few days to set up, I really enjoy the whole process of preparation. It’s very systematic, and my type A personality thrives in a well thought-out plan.

I typically begin brainstorming a theme, and, in this case, my daughter only stipulated a color theme. She likes coastal blues, so I knew I could work with that! We envisioned lots of café lights, candles, good tunes and yummy eats.


Gathering Spot

In the months leading up to the party, I began collecting décor accents such as paper lanterns, pretty citronella candle pots, and printed napkins. When sodas went on sale, I stocked up. Paper and plastic items- purchased those in advance too.

About a week prior to the party, I found recipes for the side dishes I planned to make and placed an order for the pulled barbecue and cupcakes. The final three days included:

  • Last minute shopping for food, flowers, etc. and outdoor cleaning and decorating
  • Making and storing side dishes, washing down outside furniture and setting up food service
  • Cleaning all serving dishes, making floral bouquets, and picking up food orders
  • Baking hot dishes and setting up buffet-style service

The following are some pictures I captured minutes before guests started arriving.


This Vignette Announces Summer’s Arrival


One of Four Dining Areas


Wisdom for Jordan Board


Ginger Ale Concoction


Blue Mason Jar with Fresh Flowers


Jordan’s big bro and Hannah watch her open their gift to her.


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