Sweet Home Alabama

So the hubby planned a little getaway for us! We visited our friends, Keith and Sheila Frix, on the same weekend that our mutual friends, Dave and Jillian Freeland, would be in town and serving in the worship service at the Frix’s church. In three short days, we shared some special times together, and now that Jon and I have returned to Virginia, our hearts are full for having invested in friendships that have meant so much to us over the past decade. We are different people because of the dynamic influence of those four adults and their children!

My travel posts seem to follow a similar pattern: we always explore a new city with an early morning run followed by breakfast. If there is a waterfront trail, we will find it! We’re coastal people, and the mental recharge of running alongside of water is just as important to us as the physical benefits!


We just finished three flat miles on a course that follows the Tennessee River at the U of T campus in downtown Knoxville- a very pretty community.

No matter where we travel to, there will be some inspecting of cars! This Cobra kit car pulled in behind us at the hotel in Knoxville, and the men began to flock to it!


We ran; therefore, we shall eat well!


Floridian French Toast at First Watch

This is my second visit to Noccalula Falls but my first opportunity to hike down into the gorge. Jon, Colton, Little Nae Nae, and I hiked down the trail {I’m Big Nay Nay, for the record!} We then met up with the rest of Nae Nae’s family and Colton’s sisters. We were all amazed at the fearlessness of these four littles!


For some fun, try watching a YouTube video of kayakers going over the falls!


Jon and his Little Nae Nae behind the falls.


Nae Nae enjoyed the hike to the fullest!



Dave and Jillian Freeland, Bella, Ezra, Nae Nae and Leilah, Ashlea, Brooke and Colton Frix.


Easier going up the cliff than down, in my opinion!

I forgot to mention how greatly Alabama lives up to her reputation. Yes, the people are gracious, the home cookin’ in plentiful, and the tea is sweet, but something was in full bloom throughout the northern portion of the state where we traveled, and its sweet fragrance filled the air!

In the same way, when the tender hearts of our friends, Jillian and Sheila (pictured below), lifted high the name of Jesus through leading worship and speaking the Word of truth, a sweet fragrance was lifted to the throne of God. The daughters of the King bring a unique quality to the expression of worship, and I am thankful to be in a culture that honors women and values our contribution. May we use the power of our influence for the glory of God’s name.


With a goal of getting home by midnight, we left our precious friends and hit the highway! A few hours into our northbound journey, I quickly snapped this picture of the Sunsphere, a structure built for the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville. Jon and I took the elevator up to the observation deck just two days earlier after we finished running. Funny thing is, Jon actually visited the World’s Fair in Knoxville when he was a teen, so I was checking out the pictures of attendees on display, just in case I might spot my handsome man among the crowds!IMG_3383

Finally, this pic shows the excitement of a mom returning home to see her children! Jon was driving, so if he appears preoccupied or tired, he was! Me? I was good!

Thank you, Honey, for giving me a memorable weekend! Life with you continues to be sweet with adventure!



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