Interior Design Planning


How fun is this little clipboard and printed paper? It is housing my brain’s collective thoughts on the new home build!

My goal is to figure out what furniture and wall hangings I already have for each room, and then determine what pieces I will need to buy to complete the design. The plan above includes four pages of details, and I’m thinking by time I reach my fifth draft, the design will be finalized.

In spite of my coordinating each room’s layout and measurements with the potential components, I still need to go back to the plans and reassess. As in every home we have built, the space that challenges me the most is the great room. I so want to center the furniture arrangement around the fireplace and create a totally symmetrical aesthetic. But, the fact that this space is central to the main floor requires a pathway for traffic flow…  Currently, my goal is to solve the dilemma of slightly shifting the furniture layout to one side of the room.

And why is all this important right now? We’ll have to indicate the location of floor electrical outlets for the floating sofa and side tables! Say a prayer, please! I really want this to work!

Meanwhile, we have not proceeded beyond the engineering of walls and floors yet. Not the first tree on the lot has been toppled, but Renee knows where she’s hanging the beloved oyster shell artwork!

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Abraham Lincoln

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