An Organized Workspace

My husband, Jon, and I coach ourselves consistently that after fifteen years of living at this address, we have to weed out all the excessive things we have stored away but do not really need. I don’t think our upcoming move in the fall is the time to do that… let us scale down, clean out, recycle goods, and donate galore now!

I started today! I went through my kitchen desk drawers and cabinets. It’s amazing what you can stuff inside three small cabinet spaces, six tiny drawers, and one normal-sized desk drawer! Not only did I have crazy things hidden away, but I had stacks of books on top of my desk. It’s been a crowded space for a while, but I’ve been adapting and dealing with it… you know how we do!

Today- today is the start of something new! I unloaded clutter and the weight that seems to accompany it! My desktop is clean again, stylish even! I think my mind is clearer!


If you lately haven’t cleared out some things that are piled up, you definitely should tackle  a project and experience the lighthearted renewal I’m enjoying at this moment! And when the work is complete, do as I did and take a mini cyber vacation while enjoying a frothy latte!


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