New Home Build

I’m so excited to share the progress of our new home build here on Harbor & Home! This is our third build project but my first thorough documentation of one! Maybe there’s a reason for that… third time’s a charm, right?

My husband and I are home builders, but we never anticipated multiple personal homes being a part of our life together. Our current home featured here has been an amazing place for raising our children and so much more! Many folks have visited this address and shared in our joys and sorrows in life! But something beautiful happened at the start of 2016. Grace.

Grace is as effortless as a seagull’s flight on a wind draft. When the flow of grace reveals itself, it’s best to get into it, and that’s what Jon and I did. In less than a month’s time, we discovered land for sale in our city, and we confirmed with friends their interest in one day owning our home. Quickly their interest developed into a solid contract, and because Jon and I knew this project has all the indicators of running at a speedy pace, we began our search for a suitable house plan. In fact, we’re already making decisions about interior finishing details!

There is grace for the new build season that is upon us! We look to the future with excitement, and we are united in heart and mind regarding the work ahead. Our current home holds many memories that we will treasure forever, but knowing another family with three young children will continue on with the purpose for which the home was built brings us great pleasure! We’re praying that God blesses their family with an ever-increasing richness of His presence and His great pleasure!

So, here’s to looking ahead! Currently, our future home is a wooded lot! Because a ravine is part of the topography, we decided to build a home with a basement, something you don’t see much of in our coastal location. The soil test analysis came back with great results, and as soon as our plans have an engineer’s approval and we have the building permit in hand, we’ll be breaking ground!


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