Master Bedroom Makeover


Y’all, this was unplanned. I mean, yeah, I wasn’t thrilled with the lack of continuity in our master bedroom design, but, once again, we simply had no inspiration! Well, all that changed the day I met my husband for a trail run and lunch. (Yes, we dare to go into a restaurant after we have been on a run; we just don’t sit close to anyone!) We finished our last bite of Greek food and discovered that some of our favorite chain stores were in the vicinity, and I must have caught my husband at a weak moment, because when I asked if he wanted to browse World Market, he suggested we go first to Pier 1! What? My husband is many things, but a shopper he is not!

Before we knew it, the cute store employee was entering our order for a tufted headboard. Yes! A new piece of furniture on the way was the catalyst needed to start the long-overdue makeover. Last week’s work included the installation of crown molding and a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls.

This room still deserves more attention, so I’m on the lookout for a bench and a trio of sculpturing detail to mount above the bed. I also think some sheers behind the silk window panels will finish that look. Jon mentioned today wood flooring, and I have to agree- It’s time.


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