Home Office Inspiration


For more than a decade, we neglected our home office. It wasn’t intentional, we simply didn’t have any inspiration for the space. We filled the small, 12′ x 12′ room with the token desk, filing cabinet and storage piece. Later we added a piano, because, where else do you place a substantial piece of furniture like an upright?

Enter Alexandra Rutkowski. She was the artist bringing beauty to canvases of all types at a women’s conference I attended. The focus scripture for the event came from Isaiah 61, verses that have guided me in truth and purpose for years. Alexandra painted this three-panel work of art during the course of the women’s conference, and upon its completion, I quickly offered to purchase her masterpiece.

“Crowns” declares the redeeming expertise of Jesus Christ: A crown of beauty instead of ashes. Doesn’t that speak?

Preparation for hanging the artwork included a fresh coat of paint to the walls and new window treatments. The space welcomes me to come in and dream with God. And, in case my husband also desires an inspirational place to work, I “t-boned” the desk to the wall so the two of us can use it simultaneously. The wisest decision I made was to switch sides! I’m taking over the seat that allows me to gaze into the watery blues of the artwork and reflect on its soul-piercing truths.


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