Why Joanna Gaines’ Style Works

America fell head over heels in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines during season one of Fixer Upper! Now, to feed our appetite for more of their fun, family-oriented lifestyle, we can shop their logo and decor accents; we can stay at their recently opened inn, and we can read the book about their adventure when it releases this fall! The Magnolia brand has taken America by storm!

I say, “Good on ya, Mate!”

Here’s why I believe Joanna Gaines’ style works: It translates nicely! Most people do not have the charming and simplified lifestyle of farm living like the Gaines family, yet the style Joanna uses in her renovation and design projects is one that fits many trends. The farmesque (I made up that word!) approach incorporates a neutral color palette, clean lines, and distressed accents. Joanna throws in pops of color using floral or leafy elements to accomplish the needed liveliness in an otherwise monotonous color scheme.

Window seat

We do the same with our coastal designs, except the added color might come from a funky pillow or accent table. The same approach works just as well for modern interiors and industrial design. Maybe I oversimplified the strategy, but the point is, we all can take away something from the gifted Joanna Gaines! Think neutral, don’t overcrowd your space, add elements that have some history, and have fun with color in a way that enlivens you!

O, how I wish this guidance had been around when I was a kid! After a devastating house fire, my family left the farm lifestyle behind and ventured into the city. We replaced our living room furniture with matching sofa and chairs that screamed 1970’s! Sure, oversized brown and orange florals appeal to one’s sense of home fashion for a season, but what do you do when that style is out and small details are in? Not having the funds to replace a living room set every time the trend changes means you are stuck with it for a while. And you’re embarrassed that your friends see it when they come over. Oh, well! It was building character in me!

And you think I would have learned the lesson, but, no! What type of sofa did Jon and I choose when we married? Let’s see… gold tones with burgundy, stripes and perhaps a touch of southwestern detailing….

If your furniture budget allows for replacing undesirable pieces every couple of years, please ignore my rant! But, if you take away anything from this post about design, please consider neutral tones for the longevity of your décor pleasure, AND check out the Magnolia inspiration at magnoliamarket.com. 



  1. I love this and completely agree.. She is just so creative in such a simplistic way


  2. Good idea! Better to get furniture with style that will last for the long hall 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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