Winter Outdoor Planters


For Christmastime I used two black planters to flank the front steps of our home and filled them with evergreen cuttings, birch limbs and an oversized, mercury glass ornament. I noticed yesterday that the pine branches were starting to die off, so I removed all stems, replaced the pine with freshly cut Nandina, and rearranged the cedar and fir branches around it. I’ve had great success with Nandina maintaining its color throughout the winter. There’s no special trick- I simply stick each cutting into the soil that’s left over from last summer’s potted arrangement.

Have fun with your planter creations! If you have access to a Magnolia, you could create an eye-catcher with the massive, showy leaves. Painted tree limbs add nice height, and, for some coastal flair, try adding dried hydrangea flowers. I would love to see those elements come together! If you try it, please share a picture!


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