Found: Old Ship Spike in OBX

Remember this picture?

My husband and I spent our wedding anniversary in the Outer Banks, and this mass of shell-encrusted something greeted me in the morning tide. It’s no secret that there are thousands of shipwrecks off the coast of Cape Hatteras. The first recorded shipwreck was in the early 1500’s. How old might this encased treasure be? After we arrived home, Jon meticulously chipped away the hard sediment to discover a very old spike still in tact.

My history-loving brother-in-law, Allen, celebrated our unique discovery with us and penned these words: “Much like the strong iron spike that holds the ship together, it lasts and endures the test of time, just as your marriage.”

Thank you, Allen, for helping us to see the significance of this find on our wedding anniversary!



  1. Darren Cartwright says:

    Did you ever find out any more information about it? I’ve just found something similar and am very curious about it.


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