New Year Giveaway!

So, you’ve put away your Christmas décor, and the place looks bland, right? Let me inspire you with the Harbor & Home New Year Giveaway! A brightly painted piece of inspirational artwork will draw your eyes away from the vacant space where a lit tree once stood! This 12″ x 12″ canvas by Samantha Chapman looks great on a wall or a shelf.

To enter, subscribe to Renee Beamer Harbor & Home’s and leave a comment below. Or just leave a comment if you’re already a subscriber! The winner will be selected on January 11. Thanks for being a part of our New Year Giveaway!



  1. Pam Rodriguez says:

    So cute! Would kick my new year off right!


  2. William says:

    I talked to at the Other Banks early Dec. 2015. Started following you and have enjoyed your post and your creative style. Wm.


  3. reneebeamer says:

    William, congratulations on your win! To claim the prize, please share your email address and we will proceed from there. (Email seen by website administrator only.) You have until January 26, 2016 to notify Harbor & Home.


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