Christmas Home Tour: Part 1

I’m not sure if it’s a sign of wisdom or laziness… Truly I think I had an epiphany, and how fitting since it is Christmas- the celebration of God sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to the world for the salvation of mankind!

You see, I used to undecorate while I decorated for Christmas. This meant putting away my décor to bring out the plethora of Christmas accents that I had amassed over the years. I even put away fine china and everyday dishes to make room for the Christmas version. Yes, the china too!DSC02625

Since we began a home makeover earlier this year, I decided that this Christmas I’m all in- I’m not just having a coastal themed tree; I’m keeping it all coastal! It’s been a creative rush finding new accents that are a departure from the traditional red and green.

Basically, I’ve kept it simple:

  1. Put an ornament {or a few} in it.
  2. Throw some lights on it.
  3. Hang a garland on it.

Here’s Part 1 of the results. Enjoy!


Something so simple as not putting away my beloved shell collection makes me happy!


I love mixing rustic jute with copper glam. And you just can’t beat a hammered finish.



The two-tiered basket serves as the kitchen table centerpiece and continues to collect baubles and shells.


Wrapped gifts on display also bring a festive flair!


Pottery Barn coral and starfish appliqué stockings.


The morning sunlight kisses the metallic fabric of a favorite throw pillow!


Bathroom swag! The toile wallpaper is the only remnant of a once dominantly red interior.


I intermingled a glass- beaded garland with the Pottery Barn bay leaf garland.


A little shimmer to please the cook while her stew simmers!


Battery operated LED lights on a driftwood star.


A basket of lit snowballs placed near the Jack Russell’s bed.


Handcrafted driftwood ornaments trigger memories of wonderful strolls on the beach!


Giving is beautiful, especially when it comes from the heart!

Thanking God in heaven for His perfect gift is my pursuit during this month-long celebration. May we all overflow with thanksgiving!



  1. Sandra Cowley says:

    I love your decorations. Pottery Barn is definitely my favorite store and you have used the items so well. Beautifully Christmas decor home.


  2. Laura Spiers says:

    I love it!!! Especially the grout in the kitchen, its perfect! Haha! Its been such a busy Christmas this year that the only decorations on my tree are my winnings from Harbor and Home!!!


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