The Little Christmas Tree

Snow Covered Christmas TreeJon went with his heart… It was really important for him to decorate the small pine tree growing in the neighborhood. He talked about it repeatedly, purchased ornaments and garland, and with the kids’ help, transformed the evergreen into a symbol of Christmas.

Not too big of a deal, right?

Wrong. That little decorated tree meant something. It didn’t just represent a memory for Jon, Jake and Jordan; it was a change of perspective for someone who was hurting.

The Note Attached to the Tree

Driving home one day, we passed by the tree, and I saw it. There was something oversized and white hanging from a stubby limb.

Someone took the time to say thank-you. It was important for him or her to share that the little Christmas tree changed their outlook on the holiday. Prior to seeing the transformed evergreen, the grateful neighbor was not feeling the joy that should accompany Christmas festivities.

But that all changed because of some simple decorations and a man who followed his heart.

You never know what kind of impact you can make in someone’s life. If there’s a desire to do something to make a difference- even something seemingly small- do it. Share the joy. There’s a hurting world out there.

For more ideas on Christmas festivities, see my post Planning a Christmas Open House. 


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