Ode to the Throw Pillow

I tried to write a poem describing the worth of the throw pillow, but I couldn’t do that. Please forgive my misrepresenting this post’s title.

If I could write a poem, I believe the throw pillow would be a worthy subject! I eyed a beautiful grey linen one with ruffle and button accents at one of my favorite interior design boutiques. Then I noticed its price tag: $280. Yeah, I didn’t bring that one home!

My home furnishings tout the essentiality of throw pillows. I mean, I could easily find twenty-five in use! I really love pillows. Let’s take a look at their perks!

  • inexpensive update to decor
  • pop of color for visual interest
  • place to drop thine head when lounging
  • a means of announcing a change of seasons or holiday’s arrival
  • added comfort to hard seating surfaces

The downside to incorporating pillows in your decor? I couldn’t find any! Well, not really… there are a few.

  • where to store unused pillows (See my post, Furniture With a Purpose)
  • always having to plump and return them to their spots
  • crowding the space where someone would like to sit

Got a picture of a favorite throw pillow? Do you have a pillow-making talent? Please share ideas here and let’s enjoy the community of throw pillow aficionados!


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