Furniture with Purpose

I’m all for a functional piece of furniture, but I cannot see myself so desperate for a cold drink that I would need a sofa with a built-in cooler! Do they even make such a thing? Please tell me no.

In my mind, functional means having potential for hiding clutter. That’s why the only side table I have in the great room is a cube. It’s hollow, of course. And probably full of unused pillows!

Jordan's Dream Room Makeover

Jordan’s Dream Room Makeover

Regardless of your style preferences, I guarantee there are furniture options to beef up your home’s storage capabilities. Think wicker or wooden trunk for coffee table/toy storage. Build or purchase open shelving to house baskets that hide away books, magazines, blankets, etc.

Perhaps your furniture need won’t require an expensive shopping trip or DIY project… What if the piece you desire is already in your home serving a different purpose? My daughter, Jordan, is such an avid reader that she wanted her bed surrounded by bookshelves. That was easy! I already outfitted the bonus room with a shelf and desk system that served our home schooling years beautifully! All that was needed to fulfill her dream room makeover was to clear out the home education curricula, dismantle the desk portion, and move the wall unit down the hall to her room. Okay, not so easy, but so worth it!


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