Easy to Make Window Valance

This window treatment for a small kitchen window took about one minute to assemble! I’m serious! It’s a table runner from a chain store, and I when I saw it, the inspiration for our kitchen makeover came. Red walls had to go to make room for the subdued colors of the coast.

The time required to make an indoor awning that spans a triple window is a different story! I had to dismantle the original red and khaki stripe awning to reuse the lining, filling and piping. I lost the sewing pattern long ago, so I cut the new treatment using the former one. For fabric, I purchased a large tablecloth from the same store where I found the table runner.

To make your own indoor awning, determine the measurements needed and create a small pattern with the scallop effect that you can repeat to achieve desired length. Use PVC piping attached to wall to create an extended frame upon which the entire base of the awning rests. Strips of velcro will help adhere fabric to piping. Choose a decorative feature for mounting the top of the awning to the wall. Determine the number needed and spacing. Sew button holes or use grommets for mounting purposes.

If either of these window treatment projects interest you and you need more guidance, please share your questions below. I’d love to hear from you!



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